My Favorite Things from Uniqlo’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Check out what’s new from Uniqlo PH that would probably end up inside my closet.

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The quest to turn my closet into a haven of all things UNIQLO is ongoing and I’m happy that they just released a new set of tops, bottoms, undergarments, and dresses for their Spring/Summer 2019 collections.

Uniqlo held their SS2019 media event at their flagship store in Glorietta 5. It’s my first time to visit the place and instantly, I know that I can stay there for hours just trying to figure out how to own everything.

After looking at their latest collection, here are some items that I’ll surely be getting for myself soon.



Although I’m still in my culottes phase, I’m also into ankle pants as of the moment. I like the versatility of it. You can wear it leisurely or in a more corporate setting depending on the top that you’d pair it with. I like Uniqlo’s ankle pants because of its elasticated belt and stretch material making it easier and more comfortable to wear.



I’ve always been a t-shirt gal but the thing with living in a tropical country is that it gets really uncomfortable wearing a shirt all the time. I own several of Uniqlo’s Airism tops and I just have to get this to include in my collection. It doesn’t stick to your body when you sweat because it wicks away moisture, keeps the skin cool and smooth.



Continuing with the t-shirt talk, I just love this new SPRZ NY Basquiat and Keith Harring UT designs. The last thing I really need is a new t-shirt but look! They’re too nice to resist.



God knows that us women, we need all the support we can get when it comes to our bras. The kind of discomfort that a wrong bra gives us can easily ruin our day. These wireless bras from Uniqlo is a priority for me to try. It’s extra special because their bras have cups that expand and contracts with the bust by incorporating a special form with radial cuts, for a perfect fit. They also redesigned the lower parts of the cups to stabilize underbust support and enhance hold.

All these are available at all UNIQLO Philippines stores.

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