Choose Your Bias from the Forever 7 Masks by The MASQ Collection

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The Forever 7 collection featuring silhouettes of each BTS member

As I write this update, tomorrow will be Kpop phenom BTS’ nth comeback: the release of Proof, their first anthology album, as well as the music video for their latest single “Yet to Come.” And just to be sure that we can all be protected while us ARMYs celebrate another milestone by the boys with our co-ARMYs, The MASQ Collection will be releasing its latest set that they fittingly called Forever 7.

The Forever 7 Mask Collection is inspired by Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook, collectively known as BTS. The biggest boy group today gave us 9 fruitful years of music, content after content, while breaking the norms and stereotypes in the music industry, The MASQ Collection wanted to celebrate and honor all of their achievements and hard-work through this latest release.


Unboxing the FOREVER 7 masks from @The MASQ Collection 💜. I’m sure you’ll love to keep these masks ON! More about this collection on 💜 #mask #forever7 #themasqcollection #masqair #BTS #bangtansonyeondan #collection #foryourpage #fyp

♬ Blood Sweat & Tears – BTS

A few days ago, the generous people from The MASQ Collection sent the entire Forever 7 masks for me to try out and try I did. I used it during my visit to Enchanted Kingdom with some of my co-ARMY friends. I also shared the mask for them to test. I love it! It’s breathable and light. It also didn’t irritate my face and didn’t fog my glasses as much.

You can pick from seven individually packed, printed masks with Borahae and pink hues or just get them all. The Forever 7 Collection has the same MASQ AIR technology: made from polypropylene fabric, only weighs 0.17 lbs., spacious interior, facial contours, no side gaps, water-resistant, high particle filtration but also highly breathable, non-irritating and skin-friendly, and 3x easier to clean. It also comes with its own multi-use strap.

💜Aegyo Dragon (Kim Namjoon) – the leader of the group and known for his striking “dragon eyes” but can turn you into putty with his aegyo.

💜Flying Kisses (Kim Seokjin) – Mr. Worldwide Handsome’s signature move that can melt everyone’s heart.

💜 Gummy Smile (Min Yoongi) – the aspect of Suga that we are highly likely obsessed with! His irresistable gummy smile is enough to brighten any ARMYs day.

💜 Energy Boost (Jung Hoseok) – a walking and talking ball of sunshine and all that’s happy, we love a Hobi in our lives.

💜 Purple Mochi (Park Jimin) – if you can pinch anyone’s cheeks in the group, it would be Jimin’s. He had proven his sweetness to his group and ARMY numerous times.

💜 7 + 1 = ∞ (Kim Taehyung) – the one and only V, the group’s true baby. This D Boy coined the term Borahae, which means I Purple You, to show how much he loves their fandom.

💜 Golden Bunny (Jeon Jungkook) – the youngest of all the members a.k.a. the “Golden Maknae,” a term of endearment given to him by RM because everything he put his mind into, he can do great! The talented idol with a cute disposition because of his adorable bunny smile.   

Each mask was designed with 3 main concepts in mind: silhouette of all the members, a representation of their songs, and era. The Forever 7 Masks from The MASQ Collection will drop on June 10 for P235 each.

For more details about The MASQ Collection and to get their masks, visit , Shopee, and Lazada.

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