10 Best Concerts That I’ve Been To…So Far Part 1

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Aside from going to the beach and places that I’ve never been to, I enjoy going to concerts. I’ve been very fortunate to have attended concerts of musicians that I truly admire and I don’t think I’ll stop attending as long as I can. There’s that certain feeling of fulfillment and bliss seeing these musicians that you only listen to on the radio or watch on TV perform live. I’ve cried in some concerts due to tremendous happiness, you know that feeling when you’re at a close friend’s wedding and seeing her walk down the aisle gives you so much joy that your cheeks start to hurt then next thing you know, you’re already bawling? That, like that.  Not all concerts that I’ve been to were good though. Some I was left disappointed because of mediocre performances. Trying to come up with this list was a bit tricky but here, these are my top ten best music events that I’ve been to in the past years and in no particular order.



Pearl Jam is the first international band that I’ve seen perform live. I love Pearl Jam. I’ll forever love this band. I remember crying over a concert ticket for this one because my mother won’t allow me to go since I was still very young. But I really insisted until she gave in. It was my first rock concert experience; a kid in the middle of a moshpit. No one was violent but I can’t guarantee that no one got hurt because it was just difficult to keep your balance when a human wave would constantly crash into you. It was a good concert, as far as my young mind could remember; Eddie Vedder was so dreamy even though I couldn’t hardly see him since I was shorter then compared to the people in front of me.


He said a few Filipino words [of course to the delight of everyone, including me], everyone got quiet when they performed “Black,” and I think I got thinner from all the sweat that came out from me that night. I wouldn’t mind seeing Pearl Jam again now that I’m in my 30s. I’m sure the experience would be totally different; it’ll be more unforgettable.



There were a few concerts that I’ve attended that I had to fly to another S.E.A. country because the musicians didn’t perform here in the Philippines, one of which would be the Foo Fighters’ 2017 Asian Tour.


They already performed at the Araneta Coliseum years ago at the Alternative Nation Tour with the Beastie Boys and Sonic Youth, but I missed that one and Foo Fighters has been in my virtual list of Bands to Watch Live Before I Die since forever so, I had to fly to Bangkok to see them live and it was one of the best days of my life as a music fan.


They started late but was definitely worth the wait. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I wrote my experience about it, click here.



Who would have thought that I was able to watch the legendary and original queen Madonna in this lifetime? I never even thought it was possible, but it happened and seeing her perform in the flesh was incredible.


All thanks to her long-time publicist Brian Bumbery, who gave me two SVIP passes to her first Philippine show at the MOA Arena. To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t afford to go to her concert since it was expensive, which was only right since SHE IS Madonna, and my mind was already set to just wait for videos and photos to surface online. But my fairy godmama from L.A. was such a Godsend that he treated me tickets.


The concert was breathtaking, it was all sorts of magic that every time Madonna would come out from a wardrobe change, I was left excited as to what would be her next act be. Read my more detailed memory about it here.



You can say anything bad about Coldplay and I’ll just make a face because they’re just wonderful in my book. I decided to watch them at the National Stadium in Singapore because I wasn’t sold on watching them here in Manila because of the venue and the overpriced tickets.


It was a good decision because it also gave me an excuse to stay a few days in Singapore since I haven’t been back there for years. If you haven’t been in a Coldplay concert, here’s what to expect: lights and sound extravaganza! I decided to get cheaper seats and it was alright since I just wanted to listen to them perform live. The view from where I was sitting was stunning because of the light bracelets that were handed to us. The bracelets were controlled to light up per song and the stadium was like a room filled with stars always.


Chris Martin and his cohorts had me crying in some of their songs because they were just so good. It was like listening to a record but with the bonus of the visual majesty. The song “Viva La Vida” surprised me the most; I cried when I heard it live because it was so powerful, very moving, it was such a good anthem. A Coldplay concert is both a visual and an auditory explosion.



The first time that they announced that they’re coming over, that show got postponed because there was a death in the family of frontman Brandon Flowers. But thankfully, that didn’t discourage local producers and finally brought the band over for a concert at the Araneta.


I was just a bit disappointed because the band’s bassist Mark Stoermer wasn’t the one who played at the concert but other than that, The Killers gave a really good show. As far as I can remember, their lighting director did a really awesome job synchronizing everything to fit all their songs. One thing that made this concert memorable was it’s the first time I witnessed a band come up on stage with the house lights turned on.


Brandon said that he wanted to see everyone while they perform their first song, which was their very first hit “Mr. Brightside.” After that, the house lights went out, and the rest of the concert continued. The Killers would be one of those bands that I wouldn’t mind watching again.

To be continued…

All photos and videos by me except for Pearl Jam’s

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