Iflix Originals’ Mystified Screened at the Shangri-La Plaza Cinema

The streaming app’s very first movie made for the Philippines features four iconic women in Pinoy TV.

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Last March 23, iflix Philippines celebrated its first original action-fantasy movie Mystified through an exclusive screening at the Shangri-La Plaza Cinema. I bumped into familiar faces from the press and movie industry to give support to this project by the streaming network and the stars featured in the movie. Speaking of which, Mystified showcases a group of women that were iconically brought together by Encantadia, so this was like a reunion of sorts by the ladies who played The Sang’gres and the director of said show and now this movie, Mark A. Reyes. But don’t be confused, this is a totally different story. If Iza Calzado, Karylle, Sunshine Dizon, and Diana Zubiri played a group of fairies in Encantadia, in Mystified, they’re witches, the coven of four, whose goal is to protect mankind from a great evil that is coming their way.


Aside from Mystified being an action-fantasy film, the story inserts dramatic sequences as well as tongue and cheek lines that made it very entertaining. Veteran actor Dwight Gaston, who plays one of the warlock elders, co-wrote the screenplay of the movie. Mystified also boasts of impressive CGI and visual effects. Aside from Iza, Karylle, Sunshine, and Diana, also stars Sunshine Cruz, Jinri Park, Ian Ignacio, Vince Vandorpe, Matthias Rhoades, and JuneVee.




With iflix PH’s Sherwin dela Cruz and Georgette Tengco


The women of Mystified with actor and Mystified’s co-writer Dwight Gaston


With my dear Mrs. Wintle
Iza’s supportive husband Ben Wintlee


Mystified drops on iflixFREE tonight, March 29, at 9:00pm. There will also be a one-time only Twitter streaming of the movie from 8pm to 10pm on iflix’s twitter account.

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