What to Expect at Leave to Live in Siargao

On its second year, this surf, yoga, and music festival might be the respite that we all need.

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With the current global situation, everyone is stressing and panicking. I personally can’t blame people nor have the capacity to tell them what they’re supposed to do. The only thing that I can do is to personally take it to myself to make sure that I’m healthy and happy both inside and out and not to jump into so many conclusions but at the same time listen, be open-minded, and analyze what’s good news from bad news. And speaking of good news, the up coming surf, yoga, and music festival called Leave to Live is on its second year.

This two-day event that was organized by actress and musician Glaiza de Castro and stylist and singer Telay Robles was mounted in Baler last year. It was that successful that they decided to bring it to currently of the most favorite island destinations in the Philippines: Siargao. I got hold of Glaiza and asked her a few things about this year’s Leave to Live event and she shared what activities to expect and what she’s most excited about for this year’s festival.

What is Leave to Live?

Glaiza: Leave to Live is a surf, yoga and music festival that aims to bring people together to a world away from work, stress and their daily routine for at least a weekend.

What made you start it?

Glaiza: It started last year in Baler, Aurora. We wanted to celebrate the culture, music, and people who make the area so special. My interests of discovering new places and experiencing new things inspired me to start Leave to Live. I have a bed and breakfast in Baler and it is very close to my heart and this is why I chose Baler as our first location.

With Glaiza and our friend Donna at the first Leave to Live held in Baler

Who are the people organizing Leave to Live? 

Glaiza: The festival originally was organized by me and Telay (Robles). However, now everyone from close friends and family to sponsors, accommodations and airlines are helping us organize this year’s festival; it’s amazing how people come together to help something like Leave to Live.

What’s Leave to Live’s objective?

Glaiza: One of our main objectives is to run a festival that is both sustainable and educational for the environment and the local community. We want to help the local businesses, musicians, and keep the beautiful location how it is. Last year we ran a beach clean-up, this year we plan to limit single use plastics, and promote a positive attitude towards the environment from each and every festival goer.

We want to give local businesses and musicians the platform they deserve to promote their work.

The first Leave to Live weekend was held in Baler. How was it like planning that event? 

Glaiza: Our first event was a new challenge for us because we had limited time for preparation and we didn’t know everything that needed to be done. The logistics of securing a venue, getting permits, and adapting to local weather conditions in Baler proved more complex than what was originally expected.

Apartel, a band fronted by OPM icon Ely Buendia performed at last year’s Leave to Live in Baler

What were the highlights of the first Leave to Live?

Glaiza: For me? Definitely the sunrise yoga overlooking the beautiful Sabang beach. Also seeing my friends showing their support and becoming one with the locals. Another was seeing so many locals that I have gotten to know over the last years enjoying themselves so much.

Sunrise Yoga attendeed
Personally, also my favorite part of Leave to Live in Baler

What’s your most favorite part about planning this event?

Glaiza: Meeting so many new and exciting people from such an amazing place and making an event they will remember for years to come.

What made you decide to bring Leave to Live in Siargao?

Glaiza: Siargao is such a multicultural place; full of vibrant people from around the world and such genuine locals. They are here to surf, relax, party and so much more. After Baler, Siargao seems like the next logical place to bring an event like Leave to Live.

Bayud Boutique Resort is one of the venues for Leave to Live in Siargao

Can you tell us what people can look forward to in Leave to Live Siargao?

Glaiza: Music, surfing lessons, yoga, dancing, sunshine, good times with good people

Just some of the merch available at the event


What are you most excited about for this upcoming event?

Glaiza: I am excited to see how the festival will evolve in its second year; with all-new musicians, a new audience, and different venue from last year it promises to be an incredible weekend.

What do you want people to take from Leave to Live?

Glaiza: The best memories.


Leave to Live in Siargao will be on April 10 to 12, 2020. For more details and updates on the festival, follow them on Instagram and Facebook. To purchase tickets and package for Leave to Live in Siargao, visit this website.

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