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Not to start off in a negative light but the beginning of this year wasn’t the best as what we thought it would be, at least for some of us. Still a lot of deaths, a war just began in Ukraine, and there’s still the pandemic. I’ll try to make this post as positive as possible.

There’s still a lot to be grateful for in life—I have a new job that I can utilize my writing and organization skills, my nanay just turned 70 and survived two fights with COVID-19, I have newly found friends, my “manoks” for this election are stronger than ever, and things are going toward “normalcy.”

Before typing, I had a different angle in mind for this post. But it changed when I realized that I don’t want to be stuck in a funk because I don’t want it to take its toll on me leaving it difficult for me to work on my daily responsibilities. I want to be happy for myself and for the people around me and not be such a Negative Betty. But before I end, I just want to give a huge SALAMAT to Ms. Babes Buenafe, a nurse and my nanay’s secretary. Thank you for making sure that things were a lot easier for nanay for the past years that you have been with her at her clinic. I’m very sad about you being sick and know that I’m continuously praying for you and with your family to ease your pain and theirs. Ms. Babes, maraming salamat ha. Hindi mo pinabayaan si nanay at si Dra. Mitch. Mahal ka namin ng pamilya ko.

Praying for a stronger heart for everyone.  

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