Billie Eilish: Happier Than Ever Tour Live in Manila

That time when I watched Billie Eilish and Finneas at the SM MOA Arena

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It was one of those “on the spur of the moment” decisions to get a ticket to Billie Eilish’s concert at the SM MOA Arena on August 13, 2022. Even though I’d been listening to her songs, I hadn’t intended to watch her, but I’m pleased I did. Her tour was planned to take place three years ago, but it was canceled, along with other concerts scheduled at the time, due to the epidemic. But, as of early this year, everything appears to be returning to normal, albeit with slight restrictions (we still wear face masks here in the Philippines, not really complaining about that).

I had a scheduled lunch with some friends at Japonesa on the day of the concert, then I left Poblacion about 4pm to head to the MOA area. I figured I’d just grab an early dinner and kill some time before the show. I had a reserved seat, so I didn’t have to be concerned about arriving early enough to get in line. By the way, the Billie Eilish concert was the first stadium show I saw in three years. My most recent performance was the Werq the World Tour at the Aranata Coliseum. My last was the Werq the World Tour at the Aranata Coliseum. I anticipated to be anxious because I would be surrounded by a large number of people, increasing my chances of contracting the virus, but I’m glad I was able to keep my nerves in check and just enjoy the night. The show started a little after 8pm and it lasted for at least 2 hours.

Manila loves Billie

Things I noticed throughout the concert:

  • Billie Eilish has a large fan base in the Philippines. That makes me glad. People from other countries I believe, also flew in to see her perform in Manila. I’m quite sure the two people seated next to me were Indonesians.
  • Some individuals (mainly kids, as I’m sure I’m older than them) didn’t bother to wear their masks, despite the fact that it was necessary during the show. Tsk!
  • Billie Eilish is a phenomenal performer. She understands how to dominate her audience. I was last this impressed by someone on stage when I saw Ed Sheeran also at the Arena. They both have the ability to captivate their audience and keep them solely focused on them. On stage, Ed Sheeran was the only one visible. Billie was with Finneas and Andrew, their drummer. However, both guys were on an elevated platform (though Finneas would occasionally leave this position to join Billie for an acoustic segment), leaving Billie to roam the remainder of the stage and catwalk. Billie is a walking, talking ball of energy. She’s a joy to watch.
  • I now love having a seat at a concert. I used to be able to stand for hours in a festival or performance, but now I’m delighted I’ve accepted the fact that chairs in a concert are friends to those like me, a 42-year-old concert goer. I woke up the next day with no back pains….such a win!
  • I still enjoy photographing concerts. I’ve always documented every concert I’ve attended in some way. Some people don’t bother, but I couldn’t help myself. Speaking of images, here are a few from the concert that I snapped:
The setlist. This show was produced by Live Nation PH

This year, I have a couple concerts planned that I will watch. I hope they are as enjoyable as this one.

All text, images and photographs are owned by Denise J. Mallabo. Please do not alter or edit the photographs. If you’re reposting the images on social media, always credit the source.

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