Jin’s New Solo Single “The Astronaut” Out Now

A moving send-off single from BTS’ hyung, who is about to enlist in the military soon.

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BTS’ Jin released his new solo single “The Astronaut” today. The official music video is also available now.

Coldplay co-wrote “The Astronaut,” a Pop Rock song, and the British band also performed on the recording. The song is built on a beautiful harmony of calming acoustic guitar and gradual build-up of synth sound. Coldplay teased the song via their official social media channel on October 27, heightening the anticipation ahead of its release.

Jin helped write the lyrics, which he dedicated to ARMY, BTS’s fans. The lyrics express deep affection, and Jin’s deeply sentimental voice heightens the song’s refreshing yet dreamy mood. “The Astronaut” is BTS and Coldplay’s second collaboration, following the release of Coldplay X BTS’ “My Universe” in September of last year.


In a press video of Jin introducing his single, he mentioned how nervous he is and that he’s not used to introducing songs without his band mates by his side. “While working on the song, I realized the importance of our members, once again. I poured a lot of effort into this song thinking about all of you, ARMY, so I hope many of you like it. I also hope that this song can give you joy and happiness while you’re listening,” says Jin. He also has ARMY as inspiration while he was writing the lyrics. “I wanted to portray my gratitude towards ARMY who made me Jin of BTS today in the lyrics and the song. The song is about ‘me’ (Jin) wandering place to place, and ‘you’ (ARMY) supporting me in discovering my dreams,” he shares. This track will be Jin’s “send-off” single so to speak since on October 17, BIGHIT Music announced that BTS will be moving forward with plans to fulfill their military service having Jin initiate the process as soon as his schedule for “The Astronaut” is concluded at the end of the month.

The official music video for “The Astronaut” tells the story of an astronaut who landed on Earth by accident. Jin’s detailed expressions and acting capture the attention of the audience.

Jin, the astronaut, is shown in the music video living on Earth after an emergency landing. He sees a mysterious beam calling for home one day and vows to return to his home planet. Chris Martin of Coldplay appears as a news anchor delivering breaking news. Jin recalls his memories from Earth as flashbacks on his way to the spaceship where he first landed. The video concludes with a heartwarming scene in which Jin decides to stay on Earth to be with his loved ones, eventually discovering his ‘true’ home.

On October 28 (local time), Jin will make a special guest appearance at Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres World Tour in Argentina to showcase the first live performance of “The Astronaut.” 

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