B&B Studios: The Perfect Studio for Content Creators by Content Creators

Within a less congested area of Quezon City, there is a house that has been transformed into the ideal playground for content creators. Let’s go take a look.

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I miss producing photo shoots, and one of the most important jobs of a shoot producer is to find a suitable location for her project based on the requirements at hand. It’s nice to be in a location where you can basically do everything in terms of shooting your content just like in this new house / studio.

The façade of B&B Studio. The garage can fit 4 to 5 vehicles. Who would have thought that this 1970s house has an interior great for photo and video shoots?

Away from the hustle and bustle of central Quezon City is B&B Studios, an ancestral home turned studio. The house was found by James dela Vega and Melai Entuna, friends and business partners who are both content producers. “We opened the doors of B&B studios last October 2022 pero nahanap namin itong place nung May 2022,” says James, one of the owners of B&B Studios. The Melai and James kept many of the house’s original features and structures despite the home’s age (it was built in the 1970s). The floors were an immediate give-away for me. In Santa Rosa and Negros, I’ve seen 1970s homes with terrazzo floors that have been so well-maintained that it became a favorite of mine. According to James, the aesthetic they were aiming for is “ScandiNordic,” a minimalist design style characterized by clean and neutral colors, wood accents, and decorative and statement fixtures.  “We had this house renovated for four months; we flipped this talaga. Bawat area inisip namin na pwede talagang pagshootan,” shares James. The fact that the pair’s main business is content production for others means that they are well-versed in the studio and location needs for various types of shoots like the accessibility of shoot equipment and props for shoots, and so on.

The entire house has a huge garage that can fit at least four vehicles. The mini front lawn they had professionally landscaped and used faux grass for easy maintenance.  “Yung living room sinet-up namin siya na parang pwede kang magtalkshow,” says James when he was talking about the set-up of the living room. When I was at the B&B Studios, I spent the majority of my time in the said area. The plush Togo sofa made me want to curl up and stay there for hours. In addition to a large comfort room studio on the second floor, the house also has two rooms that can be used for content shoots. There’s also a functioning kitchen attached to a dinning area. Everything in the house can be used as a potential location for content, which is something I really appreciate. Although B&B Studios is fully furnished, it is easy to rearrange the furniture to make room for any additional equipment or props that a client may bring in for use during a shoot. “We also made sure that the walls are matte because based on experience, when you shoot with a glossy wall, light tend to bounce and there’s a possibility of reflection,” adds James. Those little considerations what set B&B Studios apart from others.

The kitchen and dining room area perfect for cooking content

Below are the per area rates of the B&B Studios. If you’re interested to book the entire house / studio for the whole day, you can do so, the rate starts at P35,000. If you want to rent the whole house / studio per hour, the rate is P2,917.  

B&B Studios is located at #86, Maria Elena Street, Project 8 Quezon City. You can check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bnbstudiosph and on Instagram at @bnbstudiosph. For inquiries, you can get in touch with them through Smart: 09603133680 (Viber) and Globe: 09957634523.

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