j-hope’s Latest Single “on the street (with J. Cole)” Out Now!

The pop star’s love letter and gift to ARMY before he begins his mandatory military service.

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Photo courtesy of BigHit Music

Today, j-hope from BTS released his new single “on the street (with J. Cole).” The song’s official music video was also unveiled on the song’s official YouTube channel.
Seven months after the release of his debut solo album Jack In The Box in July 2022, “on the street (with J. Cole)” was released. As an ode to ARMY, the song expresses appreciation and optimism.

Photo courtesy of BigHit Music

 Lo-fi hip-hop song with catchy hook and positive lyrics. j-hope contributed to the song’s creation as well as the music video’s choreography and direction, giving listeners a message of optimism and seasonal warmth. The song’s standout feature is a whistling snippet recorded by j-hope himself.
The word “street” became a central motif for j-hope throughout the song. The word “street” can be taken as a metaphor for life itself, since it is a setting through which the routines of many people’s lives pass. Since j-hope has his musical roots in the street dance genre, the word also has personal significance for him. When he’s out on the street, he hears sounds that stick with him and he picks up valuable life lessons at the same time. It’s also a metaphor for the road he’ll keep traveling with his global fan base.
J. Cole, one of j-hope’s favorite artists of all time, is a featured artist on this song. The combination of j- hope’s vibrant energy and J. Cole’s passionate rapping creates a unique synergy between the two artists.

j-hope with one of his favorite rappers, J.Cole

 J-Hope can be seen groovin’ it up in the streets of NYC in the music video for “on the street (with J. Cole). Through tight alleys, crowded subway platforms, and finally a rooftop, j-hope guides viewers through a life’s worth of street art. J. Cole made a cameo in the music video as well. The video’s climax takes place on a rooftop, where the two performers finally connect.

In addition, before “on the street (with J. Cole)” was released, j-hope introduced the song and discussed his thoughts on it during an outdoor Weverse live. He wanted to find a new way to connect with his fans, and the title “on the street (with J. Cole)” alludes to his dream and the message of “a path to walk together” with them from all over the world.

This week, Big Hit Music announced in a statement posted on Weverse that j-hope will soon begin the process of enlisting in the military, months after the group’s eldest member, Jin, enlisted. This song could not have been released any better, as it is a gift from j-hope to ARMY before he momentarily takes a break from performing.

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