Face, First Solo Album of Park Jimin, Out Now!

BTS’ Park Jimin released his first solo album FACE today, as well as the music video of the main track “Like Crazy.”

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Park Jimin’s sincere emotions during the pandemic are portrayed in FACE. It represents Jimin’s personal growth and triumph over isolation and hardship in the spotlight of fame. As the album’s title suggests, Jimin has finally reached a new starting point after confronting himself in its entirety.

Park Jimin

The album includes the March 17 advance released “Set Me Free Pt.2,” the title track “Like Crazy” and its English version, the trap soul song “Face-off,” the pop ballad track “Alone,” and the dreamy instrumental track “Interlude: Dive.”
The narrative of each song on the album naturally connects to one another. The album progresses from enduring torment and fear to confronting one’s inner self and embarking on a new chapter as an artist. 

Screenshots from the “Like Crazy” music video Oui Kim

“Like Crazy” is a synth pop song with intense synth and drum sounds, which Jimin’s poignant timbre contrasts beautifully. The song was inspired by one of Jimin’s favorite movies, ‘Like Crazy.’ The song, like the story in the film, depicts relatable feelings of pain, loss, and struggles while attempting to avoid the heartbreaking reality.

The music video depicts similar struggles through the characters’ hazy, dreamlike expressions and movements.
The main track, “Like Crazy,” is also available in English. 

Jimin contributed to all aspects of the album’s production, including songwriting and the creation of music videos. In FACE, choreography is also very important. While the dance routines for “Set Me Free Pt.2” depicted powerful dance moves that demonstrated the magnitude and transitional movements in line with the storyline, the choreography for the main track “Like Crazy” depicted detailed composition in controlled dynamics with clever and enticing moments.

Beginning with his March 23 and 24 appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimin will participate in a number of events designed to bring him closer to his devoted fan base.

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