When I Attended my First Fan Meet

From the perspective of a first-time attendee, here’s what happened at the Love in the Air in Manila Fan Meet.

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Boss, Noeul, Peat, and Fort, the cast of Love in the Air the series

On April 22, 2023, I woke up early to prepare for my first ever fan meet. I’ve been thinking about attending events involving Thai actors from Thai BL series (Series Y) ever since I got hooked to watching them (here are some recos, although I need to update this list very soon). I know I’ve already missed a lot of fan gatherings here in the Philippines, but I’m sure there’s still time to catch up. That’s why it’s great that a production company like Wish Us Luck Entertainment caters to series fans like myself and produces shows that I’m sure I’d love. What a coincidence that the first fan gathering I decided to attend was also the first Thai BL series I saw and enjoyed, the Me Mind Y produced love story Love in the Air. Love in the Air stars Noeul Nuttarat as Rain, Boss Chaikamon as Payu, Peat Wasuthorn as Sky, and Forth Thitipong as Prapai. It’s a 13-episode series that splits the narrative between Rain and Payu and Sky and Prapai. 

I had no idea what to expect from my first fan meet. I opted to dress comfortably, like I would for any concert. I got my ticket months in advance and wanted to get the least expensive seat possible because I didn’t want to spend too much money on my first event. I arrived at the SM North Skydome quite early since, according to Wish Us Luck’s social media channels, wristbands are distributed as early as 9 a.m., if I’m not mistaken. I arrived at noon and looked for the queue where the Wish Us Luck crew was handing out wristbands and everything else that came with my purchase (a poster, commemorative ticket, and random photo cards). The queue was already long, but it moved effortlessly and effectively. After receiving my wristband, I opted to eat lunch before heading to the skydome at 3:30PM to get in line to enter the venue. While I was waiting in line, a few local and international LITA fans were nice enough to give me freebies. I asked the Taiwanese fan who gave me a photo card if it’s her first time to watch the LITA fan meet and she said that it’s her third.

The SM North Skydome wasn’t that big, so I was content with my cheap seat, even if I wouldn’t enjoy the privileges that those who bought pricier tickets did. I noticed that some of the people watching know each other, assuming they are from the same fan group. There were many fan group projects that were completed before and during the event, such as bringing standees, cakes, gifts, and neon signage, to name a few. These fans are devoted, which was a joy to observe given how much the cast and management value their projects. The show started with a VCR (a short movie that plays before, during, and before the show ends) of the tandems, followed by the cast singing the Love in the Air theme song on stage. I must say, they are all very attractive and have their own distinct charm.

Boss and Noeul interacted with each other in a softer, shyer manner, as opposed to Fort and Peat’s peppier teasing. They played games as duos, BossNoeul sang “My Strongest Love,” FortPeat sang “Never Say,” had some fans engage in a segment, and even wore barongs and sang an endearing Gino Padilla original, “Closer You and I.” I wasn’t as loud as the other fans, but I shared their delight and kilig when they saw the LITA cast, especially during the hi-touch, where I got to see the boys up close for a few seconds. Overall, it was a fun first fan meet, and I can’t wait for my next one, which will be the Between Me & You: Between Us the Series Fan Meeting later this month. I’m looking forward to seeing BounPrem and the rest of the cast.

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