Why I Love Traveling Alone

Here are a few reasons why I chose to travel solo.


Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with friends. I enjoy the company of people that I adore. I love being able to spend time with them, eat and drink, and be merry with a bunch of hooligans who also like some of the things I like, and just seeing them all happy, just gives me joy. The thing is everybody just got too busy with doing their own thing that it takes a while to plan trips with all of them, and God knows how much I need to get-away from time to time, so the perfect solution for this teeny-tiny dilemma would be just to pack my bag, say a prayer, and just go travel alone. Here are a few things why I just love doing it.

1) Freedom!

I always imagine myself being on that show in TLC called The Lonely Planet but minus the cameras because technically the host is really not alone traveling unlike me. I like the feeling of being free when I do go to places alone. It scares the crap out of me but I easily bounce back from it by just trying to blend in. I don’t really get shy to ask for directions so I don’t really get lost that easy…makulit ako hehe. I like the feeling that I get whenever I walk going to somewhere not having to talk to anyone and not hearing anyone complain about anything. It’s refreshing.

2) Meeting amazing people (and creatures)

Just like what one of my all time favorite musicians said on her song, “I can be an asshole of the grandest kind” that you’ll ever meet, I could also be the friendliest duck that you’ll ever spend time with. I love meeting new people whenever I travel. I like learning new things from them and just pick on their brains and see if we could get along. I have met beautiful (and some not so nice) people in my travels and I love every moment of it. Do I keep in touch? Uuummmm, sure *crazy eyes* hehe.

3) Knowing yourself more

For the past years that I’ve been traveling alone, I’ve learned so much about myself. I found out that I love the peace and quiet more and that I enjoy people watching, and being one with nature. I learned that I’m always at peace whenever I’m near the beach, and that my heart gets really happy when I see beautiful sea creatures when I snorkel. I’ve also learned that I can be spontaneous but at the same time have a game plan at the back of my head. I’ve learned to be alert and be cautious about the things and people around me that I should be careful with my actions. Basically, I’ve learned to be independent. And I’ve also realized the importance of carrying a roll of tissue and a bottle of water inside my back pack all the time.

4) Leave whenever

You know when you are in a huge group and you have those friends that just take all the time in the world to MOVE, it’s annoying right? I’m glad that most of my friends are not like that but traveling alone won’t give you that dilemma. You can leave and go whenever you’re ready and wherever you want to explore without even thinking of who you will be leaving behind and who doesn’t want to go with you. It’s just soooo much fun!

5)ย  Noย judgments

You can eat and do what you want, when and where you want. There will be no one to make you feel guilty. Look dorkier than usual, no one would stop you.You can be your own one-woman food management disposal unit and there will be no one to tell you that you will gain so much weight after you’ve devoured everything. What happens in your travel, can either just stay in your head (and body) or in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or yeah, in a blog but still, no judgments.

6) Be a cheapskate or go all out

I like to splurge because I can’t afford to sacrifice comfort when I travel but I’m not a high maintenance woman either. Put me in a clean fan room with my own comfort room, with or without TV, I’m good to go but it also doesn’t hurt to book yourself in a really luxurious place from time to time. I like riding an ordinary bus for short trips especially when going up to Baguio from La Union because I like feeling and breathing the cold, mountain air, plus it’s also cheaper compared to air coned buses. I like eating at turo turo for lunch, I love going to ukay ukay in La Union. It’s cheaper to do all these things when you’re alone.

7) Realizing that you are blessed to have an amazing life

…. and that you’ll always have to be thankful for it and don’t ever take it for granted. Now where to go next, that is the question?

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