Olas Banditos: A Mexican Joint in San Juan, La Union

I’m late in the game of liking Mexican food, same goes with Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Aside from not eating onions (as obvious as it can be through my homepage), I’m also not fond of spicy food and of course, Mexican food is notorious for it. But it’s a good thing that some restaurants would cater to a non-onion and spicy weirdo eater like yours truly, and would agree to my requirements of just holding off the salsa and whatever would make my tacos and burritos hot.

Enter Olas Banditos, the latest venture of one of my closest friends, pro-surfer, entrepreneur, and occasional model (nuks) Luke Landrigan. Together with his friends Mike Oida, Kat Efenio, and Paul Stranner, they have put up this roadside, very chill restaurant where you can order your usual Mexican fare like burritos, tacos, flautas, nachos, and quesadillas.


Oh, hi. I’m about to embark on a Mexican food journey that would probably result to me experiencing food coma

Olas Banditos

Chicken Flauta…very crispy! Yum!


Olas Banditos

A very refreshing horchata

Olas Banditos

You are required to clean up your table before you go, which personally, I think is a good thing

Their servings are worth the price because the burritos are huge, the nachos and quesadillas are good for you and your friends to share, and another good thing about their food, other than it being delicious, is that they’re very generous with their ingredients. So if you’re looking for a place to eat when you’re in San Juan, La Union, try Olas Banditos, it’s highly recommended.

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