That Time When I Watched Chance the Rapper

Lil’ Chano from 79 took us all to church

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When I found out that Chance the Rapper was coming over for a concert, I didn’t think twice on buying a ticket. Amongst all the hip hop artists that had their releases from years back, this Chicago native is by far my favorite. I found out about him when I was still working as Managing Editor for digital magazine STATUS. We had Kanye West’s protégé on the cover for our music issue back in 2015 and had him photographed by Chicago based photographer Zoe Rain. When we did the feature, he was already making noise with his mixtapes and was already in the fining touches of Coloring Book, his biggest release to date. It was hugely received that it won Best Rap album at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

STATUS Magazine’s cover of Chance the Rapper. Photographed by Zoe Rain in Chicago

I love Chance’s songs mainly because of the lyrics. He’s not your typical rapper that’s full of angst and makes everything sound derogatory. Chance’s songs are just him being grateful, appreciative of life in general, and attributing his success to God and Jesus Christ.

The gorgeous and talented J.Con

I honestly thought that his concert wasn’t going to be picked up, but I was so wrong with that assumption since the Arena was packed. Local talent Jess Connelly did an impeccable job opening the show. When Chance took over though, it was as if the venue was converted into a Sunday service.

Chano in the building!
Na, na, na, I got angels. I got angels.


Taking it back to Acid Rap

I was very happy seeing him perform with his band The Social Experiment because my favorite Chance the Rapper song is “Sunday Candy,” which much to my surprise and joy, he performed live that night with Donnie Trumpet and the band.

Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment


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Are you ready to receive your blessings?
We don’t do the same drugs no more
Doing it for the gram



The amazing Chano from Chicago with the Social Experiment

I had such a ball with that concert, Chance was on fire; such an amazing and very appreciative performer. He gave everything that his audience in Manila was asking for—his music, energy, and good vibe.


Chance the Rapper Live in Manila was brought to us by Globe and MMI Live.

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