Drinks with Andi Eigenmann

Siargao, refreshing drinks, and getting to know beach-lover and actress ANDI EIGENMANN

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It’s my first time to do a Drinks with Denise feature on someone whom I’ve practically just met. Even though Andi Eigenmann and I just met two days before this interview happened, it’s as if I’ve met her already because of one of my closest friends and her sister Maxine. It’s not that we would talk about her all the time, but given a chance, Max would only have fond things to say about Andi. It was actually her who suggested that I interview her sister and of course, I was all up for it. The plan was that I’d meet them both somewhere in Manila but a few weeks ago, I was in Siargao for my 39th birthday and Andi has been there for days. Seeing that it was fate that we were at the same place and at the same time, the interview had to happen.


Andi is no stranger to having her life put on blast for everyone to have a feast on. That continued occurrence is synonymous to her previous life as an actress. I used the word “previous” because that’s the term that she used to describe her past; an old life that she’s still and will be undoubtedly be part of but already has one foot out from it. Andi is radiant in person. You can immediately sense that a happy soul is living in that petite but strong frame especially whenever she’d talk about her daughter Ellie and the beach. She doesn’t look nothing like her siblings but the immediate thing that I noticed that they all have in common is their infectious laughter. They laugh loud, like they’d be running out of breath, which only validates how happy they are at their current disposition.


Andi made it clear to the public that chasing the sunset by relocating near the beach is something that’s going to be more of a permanent thing, according to her, a dream fulfilled. Currently, she’s in Manila doing promo on her upcoming Halloween flick All Souls Night, but after finishing all these showbiz commitments, she’d hop on a plane back to Siargao where she’d continue working on her Airbnb business and more importantly, living a more laid-back, simpler, and happier life.

We decided to meet up at Olas Banditos, which is located near Cloud 9. It’s owned by my good friend and surfer Luke Landrigan, who’s also the part owner of Olas Banditos in La Union, where he’s from. Setting up a Mexican restaurant near the beach is quite perfect since their food is convenient to eat and take along with you. My personal favorite would be their Fish Tacos and Chicken Flauta that are both so delicious and always freshly made. I noticed that the Fish Tacos that they’re selling at Olas Banditos Siargao are extra plump and crispy. SARAP!

Olas Banditos Siargao is just a walking distance from Cloud 9
Fish Tacos
Chicken Flautas

Andi and I enjoyed their cucumber and lime juice, which was ideal for the extra hot weather at the island. Watch my quick but very sweet interview with Andi as she talks about what she loves about her family, people’s misconceptions about her, and why fresh juice is her favorite drink.


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