Momoland in Manila for an Exclusive Fan Meet

Korean popstars MOMOLAND are the latest ambassadresses of multi-level company Frontrow International

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I was up early last Monday to go to Quezon City to attend the media day of multi-level marketing company Frontrow International‘s newest ambassadresses, K-pop darlings Momoland. The group were also the special guests who did the ribbon cutting at the newly opened office of Frontrow International at The Ignacia Place.


Upon arrival, a huge bus was parked in front of the building and it was easy to assume that it was for the girls, to conveniently transport them around the Metro.


The room for the press con was already packed with representatives from different media channels when I arrived and the place was adorned with pastel balloons, rainbow, and cotton candy-esque colored walls.


Frontline International founders RS Francisco and Sam Verzosa Jr. were in attendance to welcome the media and to answer a few questions regarding their partnership and future activities with the K-Pop group.

Actor and entrepreneur RS Francisco


Hyebin and Jane


Nayun and Ahin
Crowd favorites Nancy and Daisy


RS shared that Momoland will be doing a shoot for the company and that before heading to the press con, they visited an ailing fan. During the media meet, Frontrow International gave two round-trip tickets to Korea.

The girls did an exclusive Frontrow International fan meet at the ABS-CBN Vertis Tent in Quezon City after their quick talk with the media, where they performed and played a few games
One of the members, Yeonwoo, was unable to join the girls on this trip due to health concerns

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