Casa Galura: A New Bed & Breakfast in Baler


A quick getaway is a prerequisite for a busy person like actress Glaiza de Castro to reboot her mental, emotional, and physical state. Via social media, you’d see that she loves to travel and recently, she’s just been to London and Japan. But a favorite destination of hers would always be near the beach. She keeps coming back near the sea like the combination of saltwater, sun, and sand recharge her. I wouldn’t blame her, really, since the Philippines has some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. No wonder she decided to get a place of her own in Baler, Aurora, one of the go-to destinations for a relaxing seaside stay and exhilarating surf.

There’s more to Casa Galura in Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora than just Glaiza and her family’s second home, it’s also a budding business since Glaiza decided to have a hostel type bed and breakfast built within the compound. Glaiza’s travel and tour agency Galura Travel International Company takes care of all bookings and inquiries about the bed & breakfast, as well as visiting fun and relaxing spots in Aurora. Let Glaiza herself take you on a tour of Casa Galura by watching the video below.


Casa Galura has a hostel type bed & breakfast. Glaiza and her family had the garage transformed into rooms with bunk beds to cater to a number of people


The Grazilda room


The Grazilda room can fit 10 people


The Contessa room


All bunks have their own light and electric sockets


The Contessa room can house eight people


The Sinta room


The Sinta room is perfect for families and couples


It also has its own bathroom


The compound has two communal bathrooms

While we were there, we joined Galura Travel as they find spots all over Aurora that they can tour their guests. For those who are not into surfing and just want to relax and do some sight-seeing, here are some places that you can visit while you’re there.

Digisit Beach


We decided to go here really early to check out the sunrise. Unfortunately, we were probably facing the wrong way or we were too busy having fun that we missed it.


We also decided to have breakfast here. They have available cottages for rent.



With Glaiza, actress Sheena Halili, Happy Consultants Manila’s Donna Santos, and the girls from Galura Travel


Striking a pose

Dicasalarin Cove


The magnificent view of the Dicasalarin Bay


This place is perfect for barkada and family outings


We decided to have our lunch here


There’s a modern looking lighthouse that you can go to within the area. Be prepared for a cardio-filled day should you decide to explore that part of Dicasalarin because going up the lighthouse will consist of a number of steps.

Costa Pacifica Resort


Located in Sabang, Costa Pacifica Resort has the perfect view of the surf waves in the area. This upscale resort offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets.


We treated ourselves with wine and cheese


Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort


About an hour away from Sabang, you can find this long shoreline along Dipaculao, Aurora


The water was so fine and inviting. You can also spend the night here since they have cottages and rooms for rent

Sand and Stars


Sharing the same coastline as the Dinadiawan Agri Resort, this very hip place is probably a favorite among the places that we visited during our short stay in Aurora


These tents are the main accommodation at Sand and Stars. They also have hostel type cottages for rent as well.


The tent set-up is so cute. It makes me want to change my mind about trying glamping once again.


They also have swings for the kids…at heart hehehe.

While you’re in Baler, don’t forget to do a quick stopover…


At Thelma’s kitchen


Try their halo halo wherein they use pastillas instead of leche flan as topping


To buy peanut butter and Yema spread in pasalubong stores at the town proper


Galura Travel can take you to these places in Aurora. To inquire regarding booking in Casa Galura and tours, not only in Aurora but in different towns and cities, you can email them at Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.