When Covid Reached Home

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It’s not that I wasn’t expecting it. Covid was something that I know will come knocking on our household’s door. It was never welcome but it let itself in anyway. My nanay is a doctor and her having Covid was like a ticking timebomb just waiting to explode; waiting to happen, which it did. Fast forward to June 5, 2021, we’ve been confined at Perpetual Help Binan in room 7 at the Covid ward. We’ve already been here for 8 days. I tested positive for Covid already and was told about it yesterday morning. My mother is continuously being treated for her pneumonia and Covid. My nanay’s doctors already weaned her off on IV meds and she’s being given oral medication. She already wants to go home. We both want to go home. Our hospital bill is already pretty big and it might put me on a brink of mental breakdown if I start thinking about it. It’s actually difficult to think when you’re in my situation especially when I know that my anxiety has always been a massive lurker. Every thing has been a battle here but we just have to fight this thing. Thanking everyone who has been praying for my nanay and for me. I hope we’ll get through this. We HAVE to get through this. Updates about my nanay I post daily on Facebook and Instagram.

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