Remembering Peggy Sue

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As I am forcing myself to sleep, I suddenly remembered Peggy Sue. I don’t think I gave myself a chance to grieve her passing. She died last year. She had cancer and unfortunately had Covid. I couldn’t attend her online wake. I can’t even finish the video tribute that her family and friends made for her. I just submitted a few photos from our trip but didn’t watch the produced visual. I couldn’t. I’m not ready, I’m not sure when I’ll ever be.

Peggy had a huge influence on my present connection with God. She invited me to one of the CCF retreats in Makiling and allowed me to decide on my own if I want to be baptized.
She made sure not to be all preachy with her beliefs because she knew that if she started doing that, I’d run away immediately. Peggy allowed me to open up during those moments that I couldn’t talk to anyone about what’s happening to me, what’s troubling me. She was very patient at times that I sound like a broken record. Peggy was my constant travel buddy. We went to beach trips together. Our last, not knowing that it would actually be the last, would be our trip to Siargao three years ago during my birthday weekend. I cherished every moment of our friendship, one that I could say was one of those real ones. Peggy was my sister. Sadly, she had to leave me and sometimes, there would be days that I wish she’s still here physically so I can hear her voice, laugh, and really see her communicate with me.

I miss Peggy. I miss her wisdom. Her being very understanding. Her funny katarayan Tita moments. Her calm. I miss her dog Gus. Traveling wouldn’t be the same without my sister.

Peggy 2018 at Bayud Resort, Siargao. Photo by me

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