First Photo Teaser Set for j-hope’s Single “More” Released

j-hope is showing us his darker side with these visuals

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Photo from BigHit Music

BTS’ j-hope just revealed the first teaser photos for “MORE” from his upcoming solo album Jack In the Box“MORE” is set to be available on digital music services on July 1 ahead of the other tracks.

Teaser photos for “MORE” reflect the song’s message visually highlighted with j-hope’s unique personality and colors. In the photos, j-hope is shown wearing black outfits with a headpiece and shoes with a pierrot motif.

The 1st single “MORE” is one of the key tracks from Jack In The Box. The song sends an important message that the artist wants to ‘show the world how much he’s grown.’

Jack In The Box lends voice to j-hope’s aspirations to break the mold and grow further. The remaining tracks of the album will also be available on digital music services on July 15.

As part of his new attempts, j-hope will release his solo album via “Weverse Albums” on July 29. The “Weverse Albums” app allows users to download the album, photos and more via QR code.
More teaser photos will follow. 

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