j-hope’s “More” Out Now

BTS’ j-hope releases first single and we want MORE!

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j-hope releases first single from solo album Jack in the Box

j-hope of 21st century pop icons BTS released his 1st single “MORE” from his upcoming solo album Jack In the Box. “MORE” is available on digital music services, and the song’s official music video is available on YouTube now.

Teaser photo for “More”

“MORE” is an old-school hip hop track highlighted by raw drum beats and powerful guitar sound. j-hope’s unique rhythmic flow and shouting rap delivery manifest his flame-like aspirations and pure passion to escape the box and show the world what more he can offer. 

“MORE” shows j-hope inside the box as suggested in the album title, Jack In The Box. The track acts as one of the key anchors conveying the core message that penetrates the whole album. 

Stills from the music video of “More” that was directed by Lee Suho from Boring Studios

The music video of “MORE” begins with a box delivered to j-hope. The rooms behind the doors in a hallway each represent different sides of j-hope. Moving between the rooms, he shows off his various charms. The overall mood is powerful and dark, and the pierrot-motif outfits and items in black and white highlight the aesthetics of the video in opposing senses and his passions. 

The remaining tracks of Jack In The Box will also be available on digital music services on July 15 and via “Weverse Albums” on July 29. The “Weverse Albums” app allows users to download the album, photos and more via QR code.

About j-hope of BTS

j-hope (Jeong Hoseok) is a South Korean rapper, dancer, songwriter, music producer and member of 21st century pop icons, BTS. Known as the ‘lead dancer’ of the group, j-hope boasts his performance skills that are nearly perfect. His originality in music as an artist also comes from the fact that he learned music through dance. j-hope has been participating in making music such as “Intro : Boy Meets Evil’ and “MAMA” in WINGS, and his solo works.  j-hope’s first mixtape Hope World (March 2018) expressed his honest emotions and personal narratives, suggesting his vision as an artist. Globally-famed “Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G)” released in 2019 showcased his own musical personality with exhilarating energy and performance. 

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