Make Your Holiday Feast Special with Marks & Spencer’s Sweet & Savory Treats

Gift-giving has never been so easy and yummy.

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British brand Marks & Spencer prepared an impressive spread of their Christmas offerings this year at the M&S Café in Central Square, BGC. Marks & Spencer is not only known for their high-quality clothing, toiletries, and home fixtures, but they also offer delicious food and ingredients. What better way to celebrate Christmas by eating the yummiest treats and cooking your favorite meals courtesy of Marks & Spencer.

The event was hosted by Issa Litton wearing a dress from Marks & Spencer
SSI Group, Inc. president Anton Huang welcomes and invites everyone to try M&S’ Christmas line
Head of International Franchise at Marks & Spencer James Harvey showing everyone his M&S favorite Christmas treats 
The SSI and Marks & Spencer team
Goat’s Cheese and Rosemary and Crunchy Parmesan Bites are the perfect drinks nibble
The Swiss Chocolate Selection can cure any sweet tooth fix this Christmas


Extra fine and smooth truffles with dulce de leche center 
12 Months Matured Intensely Fruity Christmas Pudding with dried vine fruits, brandy soaked cherries and nuts, enriched with brandy, Cognac, port and stout
For those who doesn’t fancy alcohol in their food, here’s an alcohol-free Christmas pudding
Potato Crisps with Berry and Prosecco Seasoning with edible Gold stars
Crisps for everyone!
My Marks Fave: This Belgian Collection consisting of assorted Belgian chocolates with dark milk and white chocolate
Some of the biscuits included in the Belgian Collection
More biscuits and chocolates available at all M&S Food branches
No better way to say “happy holidays” than with a basket full of Christmas goodies from Marks & Spencer
Each food set carries a combination of treats that complement each other

Drop by any Marks & Spencer store to check out all these holiday goodies.

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