Drinks with Ice Seguerra

Getting to know musician Ice Seguerra over iced tea.

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I was 8-years-old when a witty 3-year-old wearing a white gown with red trimmings and two ribbons on her hair told Vic Sotto that she’ll rather have a bus than a car in a Q&A for Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines. That was how musician and actor Ice Seguerra (then known as Aiza) is first remembered by many and that’s also what started this whole career in showbusiness for him. Fast forward to now, a lot has changed and it’s been years since Ice started living his truth. I vaguely remember how he was when he was a child star because the Ice that I’m familiar with is a thespian with a very comforting singing voice. I haven’t really watched him perform live recently, I guess I should. Ice focuses mostly on his music career but he’s been seen dabbling with acting again. Not long ago, I caught him in an iWant TV series called Call Me Tita together with Agot Isidro, Cherry Pie Picache, Joanna Ampil, Angelica Panganiban, and Mylene Dizon, who played his love interest. He also had a stint with the current government as the chairman for the National Youth Commission a few years ago but then decided to go back to where he’s passionate about which would be singing.


After our interview, I asked him if I can post an Instagram story with “Pagdating ng Panahon” as the background music. “Pagdating ng Panahon” is his award-winning single that gave him an Awit Award and sold 5x Platinum. I casually asked him whether he still performs it and he replied, “Oo naman. Hindi ko pwedeng hindi kantahin yan kasi baka mabato ako. Minsan nga hindi pa nangangalahati yung set, yan na agad yung rinerequest ng mga tao.” Ice is actively promoting his upcoming concert called Kwerdas with equally talented musician Noel Cabangon at The Tent at Solaire on November 23, so if you want to be treated to good music make sure to catch that.


When he told me that his favorite drink was iced tea, I was a bit uncertain if I should also drink a glass of it. You see, I’ve decided not to drink soda, instant drinks, which includes iced tea, and powdered juices for a while now but one glass can’t hurt right? Watch my interview with the very talented Ice as I ask him random questions over iced tea.


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