Mgyuu is the Newest Restaurant in Taguig that Would Satisfy your Steak Craving

Let them eat meat!

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If you’re like me who loves a good steak occasionally, then you’d also land into some sort of predicament where to eat a reasonably priced but very good steak. You’ll have your usuals but it’s a bit on the pricey side and intimidating in the sense that you’d have to think twice to go there wearing your casual shirt and jeans. Nothing against these establishments but I’m all for value for my buck and comfort whenever I go out. In comes Mgyuu Steaks, a newly opened restaurant at One Uptown Residence, 36th St, Taguig, Metro Manila. If the M of Mgyuu is familiar to you, it’s because it’s the same M of the known Melo’s Steakhouse.  Mgyuu Steaks’ Daniel Mesias was responsible for the continued success of Melo’s until he decided to venture out on his own. With a handful of knowledge in F&B business from his experiences in several restaurants in the US, applying what he knows in this latest venture wasn’t that complex.

Upon entering Mgyuu, you’d quickly notice the combination of the rustic and modern design of the interior. It’s spacious, perfect for groups but adaptable enough for couples or solo dining.  The ambiance is very welcoming; not overly exclusive but decent enough to get that good first impression on a first date. Now the food, yes, it’s equally as good. Let me show you.

Not sure why this neon text is in the comfort room but it has some good lighting effect. Not mad at it haha.
Clean comfort room with fragrant hand soap and lotion. Hi!
Their thirst quenching Mojito
Crispy Calamari is perfectly spiced and very crunchy P220
The Akira Pizza. It’s basically a pizza with lettuce and steak fat drizzled in truffle oil. Must try! P280


Mini Bruschetta. Bite sized appetizer with pieces of steak, mushroom, and tomatoes. Don’t be fooled by the size, it’s actually very filling P280


Hearty Beef Minestrone. This quickly became my favorite. It’s served in a perfectly sized bowl that won’t really fill you that much but gives your tummy that comfort. Oh, it has bits of steak as well P130
Mixed Seafood Chowder. Just like the Beef Minestrone, this is a single serving but enough to give warmth to your belly P130
Classic Caesar. You can order it without the steak (P380) and with the steak (P680).
M Try Me Steak. This double slice of Angus striploin with your choice of mashed potatoes or rice is perfect for those who are craving for good steak but tight in budget P498
Pasta Pomodoro with Meatballs P680 (w/o P390)
Australian Wagyu Grade 5 10oz. Cooked to perfection with a side of mash, grilled corn and roasted vegetable P1488
Angus Striploin 10oz. This melts in your mouth and it’s also served with mash, grilled corn, and roasted vegetables P1088
They have Angus Striploin 5oz (P698) and Australian wagyu 5oz (P888) available if you still want to eat other dishes and you don’t want to be overwhelmed with just steak. But trust me, once your steak is cooked like this, medium rare, you wouldn’t want to try anything else in the menu
Melts in your mouth goodness!
Angus Salpicao with garlic rice. This salpicao has huge chucks of angus meat compared to other salpicaos that you buy elsewhere P1088
Cheese burger. 100% certified prime cut that’s freshly grounded served with truffle fries or rice and slaw P888
Caleb’s Whisky. This is a sweet and tangy burger also served with either truffle fries or rice and slaw P888
Slow Roasted Pork BBQ Ribs. I’m not sure whether they have gloves available at the restaurant but these ribs mus be eaten by hand P580

Follow Mgyuu Steaks on Facebook and you can make your reservations by calling 0917 595 3998. Mgyuu Steaks is in its soft opening at One Uptown Residence, 36th St, Taguig, Metro Manila and operations is daily from 11am to 11pm.

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