Trixie’s World: The Skinny Legend Does it All!

Drag superstar TRIXIE MATTEL is one busy cookie. She’s all over the place but definitely in a good way.

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Brian Firkus arrived at the photo shoot in DTLA already beat for the gods allowing him to only have a few more steps ‘til he transforms into his drag persona, the flashy (but never trashy) Trixie Mattel. The 30-year-old Wisconsin-born was busy talking business over the phone while photographer and A Book Of publisher Irvin Rivera is setting-up his first layout of the day. Trixie was in the middle of his 29 American city tour Grown Up when it got yanked off the road because of Covid-19. Out of the 29 cities, Trixie was able to do 26.  “Before the full lockdown, venues of large groups over a thousand were affected first, so my shows were affected. We got pulled off the road very early and then all my shows basically got moved to 2021,” says the RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3 winner. “I have to take every wig, every costume, every joke, and every song, and basically put it in a suitcase and in the closet. The show is there, it just currently lives in my closet.”

Amidst the pandemic, Trixie hasn’t stop being productive. When asked what skill has she learned during this period of being stuck mostly at home, he was eager to share it with us. “Oh my God! I lived so many of my dreams that I’ve always wanted to live. I always wanted to learn how to take product photos, so many of the Trixie Cosmetics product photos are taken by me, in my house. Literally me in my underwear, taking pictures of lipstick at 1AM,” she shares. She’s also been learning how to cook; mastering her baking skills since quarantine started, as seen on her YouTube channel where she’s mastering the Easy-Bake Oven, as well as doing livestreams to either cover some of her favorite songs or participating in online shows to raise funds for charities.


It’s safe to say that Trixie Mattel is one of the most hardworking queens and entertainers out there. Aside from having her own line of cosmetics and co-hosting web series (UNHhhh and I Like to Watch) alongside fellow queen Katya Zamolodchikova, earlier this year, she released her third studio album called Barbara, a double record with four tracks each that carries a good mix of surf rock and country tunes. Netflix also featured her documentary Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts, a film following Trixie’s tour, personal, and drag life. Just recently, Trixie and Katya took their friendship to the next level and put it on print. They released a book entitled Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Womanhood, a satirical guide to fashion, beauty, and home improvement. A Book Of sat down with the multi-talented Trixie as she shares more about her albums, her love for the 60s, her doll collection, and why she and Katya click.


Trixie Mattel: I’ve been learning to cook and bake since quarantine started. I cooked almost every meal myself from scratch. I’ve made six liters of ice cream, all different flavors. I reorganized my closet. I got to go through all my doll collection, that’s time consuming. Anybody at home who lives with hundreds of toys knows that’s a whole journey. I’m going to say something controversial and brave, aside from the social and economic crisis, being at home is really nice. I kinda live for it. Have I quit touring? Maybe. “Whatever happened to her? She went home during Covid and never left. She’s in bed with a bunch of pee buckets around her.”



Trixie: Weirdly, I miss my tour bus bedroom. My tour bus has a bedroom in the back. And there’s something just really magical about some nights going to sleep in a moving bed and looking out the window and seeing stars. Especially when we were driving through Seattle and Montana, it was really magical to see mountains with snow. I’m at the back of the tour bus playing my guitar, I felt very, very cool.

Photographed by Irvin Rivera
Deputy Editor: Phil Limprasertwong
Shot on location at Rose Studios


To read the rest of the interview, grab a copy of A BOOK OF Collector’s Issue with Trixie Mattel on the cover. There are two covers to chose from but whatever cover you buy, a portion of the proceeds for this issue will be donated to Color of Change, Trixie’s organization of choice.

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